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Fitness Team

Our Personal Training System

A person must learn to crawl before they can walk and then run. In training it should be no different. Our approach to personal training is progressive. We call it the crawl-walk-run method. It keeps all our clients/residents strong & injury free.

Phase 1

CRAWL: Our trainers are taught to 1st identify any potential ailments that can be a limiting factor to the success of their client's fitness goals. These limiting factors can range from past injuries, muscle tightness and inefficient movement patterns. A fullly integrated/dynamic screening examination is administered in order for our trainers to identify any possible limitations the client/resident might have. 

Phase 2

WALK: In this phase we want to set the client up for success by helping them build a strong foundation that will inevitably lead them to their fitness goal(s). In order to do so, our trainers provide their clients a multifactorial muscular reconditioning program via correct breathing techniques, muscular stabilization & endurance as well as muscle synergy integration and balance training.  

Phase 3

RUN: Now it is time for the client to run. At this point A1TrainingGroup's trainers work with the client to achieve any goal that the client wishes to accomplish. Strength & athletic training are the most prevalent in this phase. A1TrainingGroup's trainers are capable of but not limited to using kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension training, barbells, and bodyweight modalities in order to help their clients achieve any fitness goal requested by the client. 


In addition to providing a sound, systematic & reliable personal training system, A1TrainingGroup offers their clients a team of registered dietitians, massage therapists and physical therapists.

With the combination of all these health care professionals at one's finger tips, clients can now fully optimize their health & wellness. 

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Book your aONEsession

aONESession is A1TrainingGroup's 24/7 offer for first time trainees. Fill out our form to get started with your 1st FREE personal training evaluation. 



1. An appointment with one our coaches begins with an in-depth review of your goals, exercise history,  & functional movement assessments.

2. Come dressed to sweat! Your conditioning level will be tested.

3. Leave with a roadmap of where you are in your fitness journey & what you have to do in order to get to where you need to go. 

note: Your first session at anyone of our physical locations is $35 

Preferred time for session

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Connect Us With Your resident manager

If you'd like A1TrainingGroup to work in your building then copy & paste this email to your resident manager. 
We are looking forward to working with you!

Hi [ add resident managers' name here ],

My name is [ add your full name here ] I came across A1TrainingGroup and really enjoy their personal training services. They are a group of personal trainers that travel to resident's homes and provide personal training. I think it would be amazing if they were able to provide their personal training services at [ insert your building's name/address ].

I have cc'd them in this email 

Their email is:

Hopefully you guys connect with one another!

Thank you,

[ insert your name here ]

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